About Me

My name is Alexandria, but you can call me Alex.

I’ve decided to start journaling again because as I have gotten older, I’ve realized that this was the one thing that has continued to keep me sane throughout the years.

I am just trying to navigate life the best way I know how, so sometimes I might write something uplifting and heartwarming and the very next day write some completely and utterly depressing. I tend to live in extremes, when I am in the middle I get bored.

I feel everything with every emotional bone in my body, and I feel all of your pain too.

I am strong, yet weak. Loud, yet shy. Outgoing, yet introverted. I am a walking contradiction if ever there was one. It’s hard at times, but I love it.

It is what makes me unique, what makes me different.

Writing for me makes me so happy, I forgot what this feels like.

So, without further adieu…

Welcome to my Journal Journey.